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Creating a diverse, sustainable, multigenerational, intentional cohousing community in vibrant downtown Guelph, Ontario

GrassRoutes Cohousing
an Intentional Community

This isn't just buying your home; you're actively participating in creating it.
We invite you to shape your dream living space through joining our community and becoming a founding member.

We are building 24 homes and a Common House, combining the advantages of privacy with shared common facilities.

We will maximize shared outdoor spaces filled with native plants and trees. 
We will live more lightly on the land: sharing resources, enhancing our lives with activities like shared meals and celebrations, helping each other in daily tasks, and making room for nature in our lives

"Inclusion is not brining people into what already exists;

it's making a new space, a better space for everyone". - George Dei

Cohousing?What Is It?

Cohousing is an intentional community.


It's an alternative approach that seeks to balance community, privacy and shared spaces to create a high functioning neighbourhood that meets peoples desire for community, while providing the privacy of a traditional home. Cohousing includes:

  • an intention to create community

  • shared facilities, resources and spaces, 

  • a Common House, 

  • self-governance,

  • design input by the residents,

  • common meals

  • and much, much more...

Who's it Good For?

Families with Children

  • A safe place for kids.

  • A supportive place for parents.

  • Designed specifically as a "village" because we all know it takes a village...

Singles, Couples and Retirees

  • Stop being lonely, plug into community when you want.

  • No need to own everything, there are shared cars and shared resources like tools, kayaks, bikes and canoes.

  • Break bread together with shared meals (if you want).

  • Have family coming to town? Book the guest room! 

  • A place where you can benefit from multigenerational life and age in place.

How Can I Join?

Joining a community is a big decision. For many of us, it’s not just about changing where we live, but about making changes in how we live.


To help ensure you're making the right decision for you, we've created a membership process:

  1. Learn about us and attend an Information Session.

  2. Become an Orienting Friend and be assigned a mentor.

  3. Take 1-4 months to learn about us, participate in business meetings and social events. Get to know sociocracy and the community.

  4. Become an equity member and be part of designing and building your community.

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