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About Us

GrassRoutes Cohousing began in February 2016 with a large public meeting of people interested in alternative forms of housing.  Our group evolved over time.  From the beginning we used sociocracy as both a governing and decision making structure.  Together we created a strong social community, incorporated as a Cooperative Corporation, hired professionals to help through the cohousing development process.  When looking for a location, we came across another cohousing group in Guelph with a shared vision. 


Speedvale Cohousing, in Guelph, started in 2012 with a group called the Sustainable Intentional Living Community (SILC). They assembled land for the development.  Proposed preliminary designs were developed by a local architect and a rezoning application was submitted to the city and approved February 14, 2023.

On March 4, 2023 GrassRoutes and Speedvale Cohousing met for a day-long workshop to discuss joining together to continue with the creating social agreements, site plan approvals, designing and constructing the buildings that will be the home of the GrassRoutes Cohousing community. 


We envision courageous, innovative communities in which people actively care for each other and the environment.


We are building a sustainable, intergenerational neighbourhood that is socially and economically inclusive, we positively engage with each other and the wider community.




Budget Conscious



Our Members


Al Parrish

I am a husband, dad, brother, grandpa, uncle, cuz, musician & broadcaster. Living in Ecovillage@Ithaca, I became a big believer in the value of community.

Why am I part of this community? I believe that we really want to know our neighbours, for a closer, more intentional connection and commitment. That's what we're creating. I look forward to the process and the goal.

Coming Soon


Connie seeks a balanced life with varied activities. She abandoned the rat race years ago and is content to live simply, frugally and gratefully, always considering her impact on our beautiful blue-green planet which we share.

Coming Soon


Since the early 2000’s my partner - Connie - and I have organically grown 90% of our yearly food in Puslinch Township. We are attempting to naturalize a few acres of this property which contains 4+ acres of Ontario Significant Wetlands. 


I enjoy the outdoors in all seasons with my partner.  I feel I am innovative and appreciate new ideas from any age person as I like to learn.

Some things I try to support: collaboration, cooperation, environment, innovation. 

I believe life learning is as important as formal learning.  I look forward to this adventure with GrassRoutes Cohousing.


Judy Cantwell

With various experiences of community behind me, such as co-op housing and intentional faith –based communities, I am delighted that I discovered this group at a perfect time:  I have four adult ‘kids’ following their own adventures across this country. I am a social worker, focusing on community work in neighbourhoods, across cultures and identities. I am idealistic and optimistic:  I persistently choose to dream of a society where (child) poverty would be a shadow of a memory. I am inspired by the tireless work of advocates for social justice. I hope I can live simply do a little good,   with other change makers I meet along the journey. Alone,  I fear I can’t confront the ‘isms”  of our struggling world, but in community I feel empowered


Liz Lynn

I work at University of Waterloo.  My volunteer activities include Habitat for Humanity, Food Bank of Waterloo Region, and Girl Guides of Canada.


Mike Fortin

Mike is an environmental economist who has worked on environmental and social projects in Canada and abroad for over 30 years. 


Vicki Beard

Vicki, now retired, ran her own pet grooming business in Guelph for 25 years, served as Councillor for the City of Guelph, is a Master Gardener and artist and helped establish two non-profits in the City.


Wendy Pearle

I am a life-long learner, using what life offers to learn and grow. I am a mother, partner, friend, midwife and dog owner. I love music (especially live), I play the piano, banjo and guitar in my living room - maybe 1 day in public. I love to laugh and enjoy good conversation. I try new things like music sewing, gardening, cooking, hiking, outdoor activities and building a skoolie

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