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207 - 213 Speedvale Avenue East. Guelph

The building and landscape are designed to be healthy and sustainable.


  • Construction

    • Will use green design standards to reduce energy and maintenance costs, and increase durability. Design options such as zero VOC materials will make this a healthy building.  

  • Landscaping

    • Located on a 0.53 ha (1.3 acre) lot featuring ample open space for kids and adults to relax, garden and play.

    • Features a large existing woodland garden of native plants and mature trees in the backyard. 

    • The native plantings and mature trees will remain after construction

Video of the existing backyard
(by Ranen Dahan, AirFlow Imaging)

  • Units  

    • A typical unit features spacious open living, dining and kitchen areas, bedrooms, and a den for home office, visitors or hobbies.

  • Common House

    • A large open common area both in the lower level and 1st floor to be used for common spaces like a community kitchen, workshop, lounging areas, community event space, exercise rooms, studios, children's play space and guest rooms.

    • Smaller indoor and outdoor common areas on the 2nd and 3rd floors for small gatherings.

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