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Joining GrassRoutes Cohousing


Learn about GrassRoutes Cohousing and attend an Information Session.


Become and Orienting Friend.

See Participation Levels below for details.


Meet members, observe business circle meetings, attend social events, get to know sociocracy and the community.


Become and equity member.

Be part of designing and building your community.

Cohousing is more than just a living arrangement; it's a better way of life, filled with meaningful connections and shared joys. So, come be a part of our friendly neighbourhood! 

Here are some things to ponder.

  • Living in Cohousing

Cohousing means living in close proximity to others, and sharing life together.  We enjoy front porch chats and sharing glasses of wine, it is important to note that we also need to use interpersonal skills and processes beyond those required in other social settings.  We have bylaws, processes, and agreements that describe how we operate and interact with each other.

  • Community Decision Making

We make decisions using sociocracy which gives everyone a voice.  We are respectful of all perspectives and seek to understand.  Decisions made by sociocracy are strong and make for healthy community life, but the process often requires time, patience, flexibility, creativity, and the ability to balance the best interests of the community with one’s personal needs.  To find out more about sociocracy click here

  • Community Meetings

We expect each household to be represented at as many of our community meetings as possible. This is where the decisions that affect the day-to-day business and the evolution of the community are made, and where we get to learn more about each other.

  • Working Together

Working together to keep the community going strengthens our connections with one another, but it does take time. Members are expected to participate in general meetings, circle meetings and social events. As in other established communities, we estimate adult members devote from 10-20 hours a month working on various community projects and activities, including meetings and social engagements. We have learned that shared projects and labour are both rewarding and required for a functional community where members feel a sense of belonging. It is important that people considering joining GrassRoutes evaluate their available time as well as the level of priority that they will place on participating in community life.

  • Communication

While a lot of our communication comes in person.  GrassRoutes communicates also through email, and on-line calendars and storage of documents using online tools. Being able to use digital media and tools is important to be able to participate fully in community life.

Participation Levels

At this phase of our development, we have the following participation levels (effective January 2021):

  • Friends of Cohousing

    • Fee: Free

    • This is an email list of people who are interested in our project.  

    • This email list will be used to notify people of changes and new developments in our community.

    • If someone likes what they are reading and is interested in more information, they can become “Orienting Friends” when the next welcome orientation/information session occurs.

    • Friends of Cohousing can attend events that are advertised and geared toward the Friends of Cohousing list.


  • Orienting Friends

    • Fee: $100 / unit

    • If you want to become a member this is a step towards membership and to learn more about GrassRoutes Cohousing.

    • To be at this level you must attend a welcome orientation/information session.

    • The welcome orientation session will discuss specifics about our project including (but not limited to): 

      • Our history

      • An overview of sociocracy decision making

      • The structure of our group

      • Decisions that have been made so far

      • Where we’re headed

      • And anything else that is pertinent at the time

    • A mentor will be assigned to Orienting Friends give more training/orientation.  Each mentor will have handouts, information, and specific orientation details to make sure all orienting friends have a similar training.

    • Orienting Friends will receive guest/view access to our Google Drive documents and an account Intranet (training will be provided to use both)

    • Orienting Friends must attend at least 2 social events.

    • Orienting Friends can observe business meetings for 4 months, they cannot participate in the decision making, picture forming or proposal shaping.  They participate in the check-in, fun and check-out.  There will always be time after the meeting for questions.

    • Orienting Friends will receive information about our values, their responsibilities and things they should consider before joining an intentional community.  They will also fill out a form with their bio information, abilities and a self-assessment regarding how they might be able to contribute to the community.​

    • After being an Orienting Friends for a maximum of 4 months, the Orienting Friend must decide if they want to join full membership.

    • If the Orienting Friends can’t commit to be a Member they will be asked if they want to be on the Friends of Cohousing email list, where they will still be welcome to attend the social gatherings that are posted to that list..


  • Members

    • Fee: $5,500 non-refundable / unit to Dream and Design!

    • Members will continue to pay throughout the project development.

    • Members have the opportunity to purchase a home in the community.

    • Members will continue to have full participation rights in the circles and the privilege to design the community together (both physically and socially).

    • Members are required to join a circle (not just attend all-members or general circle meetings).  

    • They will have full access to our Google Drive documents and Intranet

    • Members become part of the Corporation.​

We ask prospective members to contact us to be added our the Friends of Cohousing list for more information.

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