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Our Design

Healthy Design

  • Healthy building criteria include natural, VOC free materials and finishes, and possibly wiring for electromagnetic radiation mitigation

  • High levels of sound mitigation both from exterior noise and between residential units

  • Designed to be accessible with entry ramps, an elevator and some accessible units​

Reduced Energy Use

  • Passive House and Net Zero design standards involving increased thermal insulation, air-to-air heat pumps for heating and air conditioning, energy recovery ventilators for fresh air, and triple glazed windows

  • Designed to provide summer shade and winter solar gain

  • Roof top photovoltaic panels with emergency power backup

  • LED and low voltage lighting

  • Natural ventilation with operable windows

  • Individual unit controls

  • Energy efficient appliances

Water conservation

  • Water saving toilets and faucets

  • Rainwater harvesting

  • Enhanced storm water management


  • Interior storage area for municipal solid waste bins and waste sorting

  • Composting on site

Look How Far We've Come

Our Professionals

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