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Food for the Soul

One constant thread in all our meetings and gatherings is food. Food and music are the international languages of relationship. Greg Mortenson says in his book, Three Cups of Tea, that problems even really big problems can be solved over food and tea. As we continue the journey of creating not just a co-housing site but a co-housing community we intend to eat and drink as well as plan and build. In the end no matter what happens to the buildings, their design or location, the most important thing we will have created is a group of friends on whom we can depend. It is a true gift to see that developing right in front of our eyes. When one considers that loneliness and a soul destroying sense of disconnection has become the greatest challenges of modern society I think our co-housing group is a place of refuge and health, long before the actual foundation is poured.

I look forward to many meals and at some of those meals business will get done.



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